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About Us- ZERTS Group

We help foreign entities enter the Russian market. It's easy with our help! We will explain everything, conduct research, find a dealer, collect the necessary documents, assess the quality of the work of dealers, find partners and others.

ZERTS –  An innovative Russian company with a European management perspective
10 years market presence in Russia and CIS. We have in-depth and tacit knowledge of requirements and budget limitations of local healthcare sector


ZERTS in numbers:


D-Zerts Medical Consulting Agency
“One-Window-Solution” for private clinic setup. Optimization of start-up expenses
Project management service 
Design of main concept and preparation of detailed business plan of any project 
Cash Flow estimation together with financial parameter calculation of any project
Risk management, Development Strategy and Financial Planning services 
Corporate branding, design and identity
Corporate website design, support and promotion 
Market research plan. Patient’s acquisition strategy 
Buying and selling of medical businesses 


ZERTS Media Service


ZERTS maintains close cooperation with Russian mass media entities. We share information about latest ideas and products with businesses and organizations. ZERTS management provides our clients with exhaustive information and comments regarding our product and services:
Expert evaluation of Russian medical market for mass media 
Comments and information about trends within the healthcare sector and key players of medical market 
Participation in media medical programs 
Keynote speakers and panel discussion participant for medical congresses and conferences. 
We develop and disseminate our own statistical data regarding medical manufacturing sector.


ZERTS Exclusive
1. Exclusive distribution of premium grade medical equipment from Germany to Russia on exclusivity base Carl Zeiss Colposcopies (Germany)
2. RF Generators, probes and state-of-the-art technology of Sutter Medizintechnik (Germany)
At ZERTS, we view healthcare excellence as a combination of careful selection of highest quality medical products, infused with German quality; together with successful cooperation from our reliable Western partners. 
Zerts School  
Clinic Management Training 
How to establish private clinics and hospitals 
Medical clinic management 
Knowledge of increasing patient flow; 
Management consulting and staff coaching 
Medical Staff  Training  
Application scope of radiofrequency surgery in Gynecology, ENT, Dermatology, Cosmetology and GP 
Medical Marketing Specialist Training 
How to promote newly established clinics 
Medical marketing and PR strategy 
Efficacy of new marketing technologies 
Coaching of marketing specialists 


ZERTS Manufacturing 
ZERTS Multifunction High-End Line Workstations for:
ZERTS Medical equipment:
ZERTS Gynecology/Urology Chair 
ZERTS Motorized Examination Bed
ZERTS Hospital Trolley and Workstation
Repair and maintenance program for any medical devices 
Medical Furniture Manufacture 
Cubicles, systems, nurse workstations
Examination room furniture
Patient room furniture 
Operation theater, treatment and examination room furniture 
Pharmacy and drug store furniture 
Medical laboratory furniture 
Healthcare and rehabilitation furniture
Medical trolley and mobile workstation 
Patient’s reception chairs, examination couches  
Staff chairs
Sofas and armchair for reception area 
German Quality Made in RUSSIA 

Dr. ZERTS Medical Clinic

A Dr. ZERTS multifunctional private Medical clinic equipped with ZERTS Products is currently under development 




  • ZERTS personnel : A team of Doctors, Business Experts, Managers, Engineers, Designers, Marketing and PR specialists, Contractors and Architects;

  • ZERTS management team: Three holders of PhD degrees; two holders of Master Degree in Business Administration over 20 medical market experts ;

  • Over 20 Medical University professors (Key Opinion Leaders in Russia) have used/tested ZERTS products and given us valuable feedback;

  • Over 1000 medical clinics all over the Russia and CIS countries, currently cooperate with ZERTS.




• Mass media

• Institutional and private investors, financial and insurance companies

• Businessmen

• Designers, architects, contractors and engineers

• Medical Equipment manufacturing companies


Training and Consulting for:


• Institutional and private investors

• Management of private clinics

• Commercial staff of private clinics

• Administrative and sales staff

• Marketing specialists

• Gynecologists

• ENT Doctors

• Other healthcare professionals


Benefits from cooperation with D-Zerts Medical Consulting Agency for foreign business:


• Marketing opportunities to promote products in Russia

• Market Entry into Russia

• Business development in Russia


We provide our clients:


• Matchmaking service for individual business partners Search

• Market research and development

• Trade Shows and exhibition support and assistance

• Legal service

• Translation and Logistic Service


We Assure:


•Business Safety

• Reliability

• Quality




Head of Consumer Goods and Medicine Exhibitions Division of AO EXPOCENTRE (Moscow)

"ZERTS company is very close partner of AO EXPOCENTRE. Company not only manufacturer of high qualitymedical equipment and very successful distributor of leading German brand e.g.  Carl Zeiss and SUTTER, but prominent medical consulting agency (D-Zerts) as well. We have long track records of cooperation with D-Zerts for selection of Russian partners for foreign investors.

When D-Zerts began providing consulting service for corporate clients it was like pioneering new territory. First sessions at a large hospital and private centers was something of an experiment.

A lot of professionals were overwhelmed.  One enthusiastic owner of the medical center summerised it. "For the first time in my life, I feel I can be in control of my financial and commercial well-being. In addition, we have been complimented by several medical companies".


Head of Microsurgery Department

“We cooperate with ZERTS since 2009. This company has deep knowledge and understanding of Russian medical market and providing high quality service.

ZERTS is market oriented company with full support of clients by participation in medical exhibition, congress and scientific events. A lot of lead medical professional cooperate with ZERTS.

For our long and fruitful cooperation history with ZERTS we always respect business ethic and cooperation strategy performed by ZERTS.  

We are highly recommended ZERTS as reliable and firm partner for promotion of medical equipment for foreign investors and successful penetration of Russian market. “



CEO OEM Customers and USA

«Since 2009, Zerts has been our loyal and dedicated partner in Russia. They have always impressed us with their profound understanding of the market, their professional work ethics and their hard and successful work….»

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