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ZERTS Three-section operational electromechanical armchair

  • When the armchair is upholstered, an artificial vinyl skid, manufactured by SKADEN (Poland), is used; which is resistant to abrasion, chemical disinfectants and UV radiation.
  • When the chair is used slinky "hot" seamless technology that allows to make a chair without a single seam.
  • The frame of the chair is painted using German polymer powder paint, resistant to chips and scratches. The color is gray metallic.


Intended for use in gynecology, proctology & urology departments.
  • Carrying capacity up to 230 kg.
  • Lowering the chair to 43 cm from the floor.
  • Independent adjustment of height, tilt of the dorsal and pelvic sections.
  • Made in Russia.
  • It has no restrictions on purchases for state and municipal procurements.
  • Delivery time: 25 working days.

Key Features:

  • Lightweight, mobile, yet stable, durable.
  • Load capacity up to 230Kg, powered by electric motors LINAK (Denmark).
  • Low chair lowering (up to 43 cm from the floor) allows use for children, elderly and feeble patients.
  • Soft seamless supports on the Geppel with a metal base are adjustable in height and angle of rotation.
  • Patella and pens for the patient are easily removed, it is convenient to use in the operating room.
  • Seamless upholstery technology.


  • Manual section for injections.
  • Headrest.
  • Holder of colposcope.
  • A chair for the doctor & assistant.
  • A holder of paper towels.
  • Step for the patient.


3 independent chair sections Independent adjustment of height, pelvic section, backrest with the possibility of removal of the leg section
Adjustment Foot pedal and / or manual control panel (electric actuators LINAK, Denmark)
The minimum height of the chair from the floor to the horizontal of the pelvic section 430 мм
The maximum height of the chair from the floor to the horizontal of the pelvic section 1050 мм
Length of the chair in the unfolded horizontal view 1450 мм
The width of the seat and backrest 620 мм
Adjustable backrest angle From -23º to +65 º
Range of adjustment, using angle of inclination of the pelvic section of the armchair -5º to +45º
Trendelenburg Position -23º
Chair weight 60-130 Kg (depending on the number of options)
Distance from seat to tray (convenient for hysteroscopy) 200 мм
Lifting capacity 230 Kg
Wheels 4 wheels with stopper, d: 90mm

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