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ZERTS Manufacturing / Furniture

Manufactured in Russia



Modules for the doctor's office Modules for the doctor's office
Medical furniture, bactericidal module, heating tools, recycling tools.
Medical lockers Medical lockers
Lockers for medical clothes.
Lockers for documents.
Lockers for medicines.
Shelvings, wardrobes.
Tables for doctor's offices Tables for doctor's offices
Medical table.
Computer desk.
Table for inhalation.
Utility desk.
A table for the doctor's office.
Nurse's post.
Rack for reception.
Medical cabinets Medical cabinets
Cabinet for the doctor's office.
Curbstones for equipment.
Computer racks.
Medical cabinets.
Swaddling Tables Swaddling Tables
Swaddling medical table with drawers, chest of drawers, with soft upholstery.
Medical screens Medical screens
Medical screens 2/3/4-section. Width of leaf: 35 cm or 50 cm. Filling: polystyrene or double-sided glossy acrylic.
Couches, benches Couches, benches
Couch for physiotherapy.
Couch medical use.
Medical bench
Two-seater bench.
Armchairs for doctor's office Armchairs for doctor's office
Computer chair.
Doctors chair
Nurse chair.
Executive chair.
Laboratory Furniture Laboratory Furniture
Furniture for laboratories: laboratory tables, cabinets, exhaust hood, linear, peninsular and independent modules.
Furniture for Pharmacy Furniture for Pharmacy
Solution for your pharmacy:
Classic pharmacies with a closed layout;
Pharmacies with an open layout;
Solutions for network pharmacies with a single corporate identity;
Chairs for doctors and patients Chairs for doctors and patients
Medical chairs.
Laboratory chairs.
Patient chairs.
Computer chair.
Doctors chair
Upholstered furniture for medical institutions Upholstered furniture for medical institutions
Sofas for halls, waiting areas.
Furniture for medical staff.
Sofas, armchairs for the head doctor, head office.

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