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Tables for doctor's offices

    Currently in use by the following customers:

  • European Medical Center, Moscow, ul. Shchepkina.
  • Polyclinic Center for Rehabilitation and Rehabilitation Medicine, Moscow, ul. Karbyshev.
  • Polyclinic №1 of the Administrative Department of the President of Russia, Moscow.
  • Clinical Hospital No. 1 (Volyn) of the Presidential Administration of Russia.
  • Network of clinics "Doctor nearby", Moscow.
  • Network of polyclinics ABC-MEDICINE, Moscow.
  • Unified Migration Service of the Moscow Region.
  • Medical Center "Stolitsa", Moscow.
  • Network of clinics KDL, Moscow.
  • The network of clinics CMD, Moscow.
  • Medical Center "MEDSI", Moscow.
  • PNI number 25, Moscow.


ZERTS produces medical furniture in the Moscow region.
  • Medical furniture ZERTS Winkelsatz has a dedicated site:
  • Made in Russia.
  • It has no restrictions on purchases for state and municipal procurement.
  • Registration certificate of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.
  • Delivery time: 25 working days.

Key Features:

  • Upright Tables.
  • Corner tables, ergonomic.
  • Computer tables.
  • Table for inhalation.
  • Table for additional equipment.
  • Utility desk.
  • A table for the doctor's office.
  • Nurse's post.
  • Reception desk by individual order.


  • Selection of material and color of the facade (from the palette).
  • Installation of moisture resistant and chemically resistant countertops.
  • Lock Installation


Color Color selection (from the palette)
Fittings Italy, Germany
Design Prefabricated frame with adjustable supports

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