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Срок службы КОМБАЙНА GIN PLUS может составлять от 10 до 20 лет. Годовая суммарная выручка может достигать 3.000.000 руб./год.

Gynecology Workstation: GIN Plus

  • Fully complete and universal single-set of equipment for use in a gynecologist's office
  • Compact body!
  • Mobility:- for ease of movement and cleaning. Possibility of easy transportation between areas.
  • Modular system = many options for individual equipment.


Minimum Cables – Maximum Functions!
  • All components from one manufacturer - facilitates maintenance.
  • All tools are REUSABLE and can undergo STERILIZATION!
  • The assembly includes the radio wave generator SUTTER, which works on the tissue with minimal damage.
  • The choice of an embedded light source for hysteroscopy.
  • Made in Russia.
  • It has no restrictions on purchases for state and municipal procurement.
  • Delivery time: 8-10 weeks.

Key Features:

  • Latest methods of outpatient diagnostics and treatment: video-colposcopy, hysteroscopy, radiowave surgery.
  • Metal housing (10 standard colors).
  • Latest technological antimicrobial paint and varnish coating allows successfully to tackle bacteria multiplying on the surface, but also to destroy them for an extended period
  • This is achieved due to the inclusion of special active antimicrobial additives in the paint coating, which continuously form ions of high activity, destroying primitive microorganisms, and supersedes the use in Nano silver materials, etc.
  • The upper console with a L-shaped cover, is housed with a cascade of removable trays of stainless steel. In an open state, the compartment cover acts as an additional working shelf for placing materials and tools with a rear bordering edge, which protects the tools from falling
  • Functional console for placing a mono-polar electrode holder, a bipolar connector, a smoke aspirator hose and a liquid aspirator.
  • Built-in candy bar with 19 "TFT-monitor, keyboard, mouse.
  • Ease of patient information - large display allows you to display data from a study patient, embedded computer allows you to store and archive data.
  • Uninterruptible power supply.
  • ZERTS-System of aspirating smoke.
  • Radio-surgical generator BM-780 II (Sutter, Germany) with the basic set (pedals, handle-holders, plate of a neutral electrode).


  • Program for archiving and processing of medical images.
  • Data storage system with pre-installed operating system.
  • Illuminator for halogen endoscopic examinations.
  • Built-in liquid surgical aspirator.
  • The surface area for keyboard / writing
  • Endoscopic video camera.
  • Bactericidal lamp.
  • Heated tools.
  • Gynecological chair.
  • CARL ZEISS OPMI PICO diagnostic Colposcope.
  • The doctor's chair is screwed with adjustable height and back.
  • Workstation colored in a non-standard color in the RAL palette.
  • Medical and office furniture in the size of the workstation, ideally suited for style, design and color (equipment and furniture from single manufacturer).


General Description Combined workplace for gynecologist, which can accommodate numerous medical and diagnostic equipment, functional modules. In addition, it has storage surfaces for instrumentation and consumables.
Usage Material Galvanized sheet metal, powder-coated with epoxy thermal paint, with an increased physical and chemical resistance, together with antiseptic additives
Movement Equipped with 4 anti-static wheels with clamps
Voltage 230 V ~, 50-60 Hz
Overall dimensions (WxDxH) 1100 х 590 х 1100
Weight 200 Kg
Apparatus for radio-wave surgery Sutter (Germany) 1.2-1.3 MHz mono-polar and bipolar modes
Sterilization The possibility of sterilization within the autoclave of all electrodes, grip holders, cables, bipolar tweezers, neutral electrode plate
Bipolar Cable ESU Martin, Berchtold, Aesculap / Sutter (BM-780 II), 4.5 m, safety connector
Mono-polar electrode holder Mono-polar electrode holder
Neutral Electrode Plate Silicone neutral electrode plate, reusable with cable for apparatus: Sutter BM 780 II, 4 m
Toolset By individual order
Built-in Smoke Aspirator Operable in the range from 1 to 600 l / min. Three-stage filtration system: preliminary disposable filter, charcoal filter for combustion products, HEPA fine filter. The system time counter allows you to accurately determine when the filters changing
Built-in Liquid Surgical Aspirator Efficiency 40 ± 5% l / min. The magnitude of the vacuum created is up to 0.85. MTBF for at least 2000 hours
Tanks for collecting liquid Polystyrene, transparent, dimensional, with hermetically sealed cover, volume 2.5 liters, with mechanical overflow protection
Connector for optical fiber Karl Storz standard with locking mechanism
Data Storage Assembly Computer, 19 "candybar with a drive and a card reader (CD-ROM, USB-port) .The swivel bracket allows to adjust the position of the display in the direction of the doctor or patient . It also includes wireless keyboard and mouse

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