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Первичный прием врача-гинеколога – 1400 руб.
Расширенная кольпоскопия – 1700 руб.
Расширенная кольпоскопия с видеонаблюдением – 2000 руб.

Payback of equipment
Binocular Colposcope CARL ZEISS 150 FC
for your clinic with the given parameters =

Срок службы кольпоскопа Carl Zeiss составляет 20 лет. Немецкий кольпоскоп более выгодная покупка (по сравнению с российским аналогами) для длительного срока использования.

Binocular Colposcope CARL ZEISS 150 FC

    Currently in use by the following customers:

  • Prilepskaya VN, MD, professor. Honored Scientist of Russia, Deputy Director for Research of the Federal State Institution "Scientific Center for Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after Academician VI Kulakov" Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation
  • Kostava MN, Ph.D., Leading Specialist of the Scientific Center of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Perinatology named after. VIKulakova Ministry of Health and Social Development of Russia.
  • Doctors of the Polyclinic №3, №4 of the Administrative Department of the President of the Russian Federation.
  • European Medical Center, (EMC Clinic), Moscow.
  • Guta Clinic, Moscow.


The advantages of using Carl Zeiss Colposcopes:
  • Perfect optics;
  • Optimal lighting;
  • Ideal opportunities for documenting and providing information to patients.
  • 150FC with video: in stock.
  • 150FC without video: the delivery time is 12 weeks.

Key Features:

  • High-intensity fiber-optic illuminator with built-in light guide.
  • Adjust the brightness of the lighting.
  • Convenient controllers designed for single-handed operation.
  • Large range of fine focus, 5-way zoom control.
  • Wide-angle optics, providing a maximum field of view, a magnificent panoramic view.
  • Floor stand on wheels or adapter-suspension for gynecological chair (Ritter, Baisch, Medifa, Eron, Schmitz and others).


  • Ideal means of video recording. The optional MediLive ™ Primo 1CCD or a compact MediLive Primo compact camcorder enables you to document the results of the survey.
  • Software in Russian Language.
  • Specialized software LiteDoc Program for colposcopy studies allows you to create and maintain a patient database.
  • The program has a simple and intuitive interface.
  • Creation of examined patients journal.
  • Automatic search by patient database.
  • Archiving and processing received images.
  • Forming and printing reports on the results of the study.
  • Use of the obtained archive as teaching material, as well as for scientific and clinical research.
  • Resulting colposcopic pictures on the monitor can be used for demonstration to the patient or during a medical consultation.
  • Mounting on an armchair, with the help of the appropriate mountings, the colposcope 150 FC can be installed on gynecological chairs of various manufacturers (Ritter, Baisch, Medifa, Eron, Schmitz and others).
  • Laser nozzle. To connect CO2 surgical laser to colposcopes 150 FC or OPMI PICO it is possible to use an adapter with a micromanipulator.


Lighting Fiber optic illumination, cold light source 12 V, 100 W, adjustable
Working distance 250 mm, 300 mm
Zoom 5х-25х (5-step)
Fine focus rangeи 18 mm
Tubus Straight, tilted, swivel 180 °
Height for adjusting the range ± 230 mm

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