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Colposcope KNB-02 ZENIT



The colposcope is equipped with a light source with a halogen lamp fixed directly to the optical module of the device.
  • Available in stock.
  • Since February 2017, the release of the colposcope KNB-02 has resumed.

Key Features:

  • The use of the Green optical system, which gives a real stereo effect, a greater Depth of Field, an increased size of the field of view at the appropriate multiplicity, which increases the diagnostic capabilities of the product.
  • The multilayered clarified optics which provides convergent course of beams that reduces fatigue of the doctor during long inspections.
  • A large working distance, which makes it easier to work with tools, especially when aiming for cytological specimens.
  • Built-in step-by-step system, which allows you to see the overall picture and conduct a detailed examination.
  • The lighting is adjusted smoothly and automatically adjusted when changing the zoom levels.


  • Convenient attachment of the optical head of the colposcope.
  • Simple manual positioning.
  • Fine adjustment of focus and height.
  • Digital video camera, which allows you to record video and photo images of the object (optional).
  • Upon request, the colposcope is equipped with a special software ZERTS, which allows you to receive, process and store digital images of the object, create specialized databases, process information using special protocols and create an electronic patient image database


Working distance 300 mm
Zoom 7.5; 15; 30 x
Diameter of field of view 50; 25 mm
Interpupillary distance adjustment 58 – 75 mm
Dioptric adjustment -7 to +7 D
Diameter of the illuminated field 55 mm
Illumination 3000 - 15000 lux
Type of lighting Halogen lamp

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