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Conducted individual workshop (5 people) on the topic: "Opening clinic, Step-by-step plan for organizing and promoting medical business"

October 11, 2017: D-ZERTS completed a bespoke workshop, consisting of  5 people, on the topic: "Opening clinics, a step-by-step plan for organizing and promoting medical business"

The intensive workshop lasted 2 days, within which the following questions were discussed:

  • Primary sources for attracting patients
  • Methods of clinic promotion
  • Marketing plan, including budgeting
  • Conducting a marketing audit: Understanding areas of weaknesses
  • Finalizing concepts and development program
  • Partnership programs
  • OMS & DMS in private clinics
  • Online promotion of the clinic: where to start and how to optimize costs
  • Low-budget promotion methods: how to promote, without significant cost
  • How to evaluate the effectiveness of promotional activities

Upon conclusion, the participants were awarded certificates.

The next seminar: "Opening Clinics, The step-by-step plan for the organization and promotion of medical business" will take plabce on February 8-9, 2018.

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