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November 13-18, 2017 D-ZERTS Agency will participate in the exhibition MEDICA 2017 (Dusseldorf, Germany)

Dear colleagues!

November 13-18, 2017: The exhibition MEDICA-2017 will be taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany.

For the first time, Russian experts have been invited to the MEDICA exhibition, as exhibitors to participate in the expert session (Hall No. 12) "The best way to enter the Russian market", among them will be Viktoria Shmatkova, General Director of ZERTS TD.

The program outline of the expert session:




Welcome speech by the representative of MESSE Duesseldorf GmbH

Russian market for medical products and equipment

• Analysis of the Russian medical market; 
• Market Characteristics; 
• Recommendations for entering the market; 
• Discussing the legal and technical aspects of the design of medical devices; 
• Successful experiences of foreign companies
Aandrey Vilensky - Director General of the Research Center - Meditex LLC (Scientific and Technical Center)
10:20 The strategies for effective working in the Russian market: the view of the industry association
  • IMEDA today;
• Cooperation with MedTechEurope;
• The main goal of IMEDA is to protect the interests of foreign medical companies operating in the Russian Federation
Sergey Vanin - Executive Director (IMEDA)

How to begin selling in Russia. Finding local dealers 

  • How to find a reliable dealer in Russia;
• Auditing dealer activities in Russia;
• Finding dealers.
Victoriya Shmatkova - General Director of  ZERTS LLC TD ", Candidate of Economic Sciences, MBA, Marketer with 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry
  Closing remarks:  Representative Messe Duesseldorf GmbH



We invite you to join the event!

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